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What we do



We offer a range of sales consultancy which address all perspectives: the organisation, team and individual.  Using proven frameworks and diagnostics we can get to the ‘nub’ of the problem quickly and then, leveraging the wide experience in the team, propose practical solutions. 

Our unique sales excellence framework can diagnose and benchmark your organisational challenges, by focusing on; your sales leadership team, sales process and execution, your sales people and your tools and technology.   This enables us to provide insightful recommendations on; sales strategy and sales effectiveness programmes.

If building sales capability is the challenge we can offer a range of individual competency and behavioural assessments to establish the baseline of your team. Our approach is a combination of online tools, interviews and observation of your people in action. 


Experience and research tells us that great sales coaching is essential to drive better performance from your team and  to ensure your investment in training is not wasted.  Research into learning behaviour suggests that we only retain around 10% of a training programme and that’s if it's delivered well! People really only learn by 'doing' and from observing others. The role of the coach is to facilitate this process.

We have worked with a number organisations who have invested heavily in sales methodologies or approaches, but are still not enjoying the expected return on the investment.  The key to unlocking this is the sales leadership community. If I work in a team where my manager is not exhibiting or expecting the right behaviours, I am more than likely going to take his or her lead, resulting in lower performance.  By implementing an outcomes based sales leadership coaching programme; focused on developing the right behaviours, the results will come.

The team at Sales EQ are all experienced coaches in the organisational context and also at a one to one, individual or business owner level.


All our programmes are outcome focused. We start our engagement with every customer by asking some questions;

  • why do you want to change?
  • what will be different as a result of investing in training?
  • how will you measure the change?

With the answers to these questions, we will then move into designing a programme that will address your objectives and outcomes. This design process doesn’t mean we start from scratch on every programme and charge you for the privilege!  We have core building blocks, which we then tailor to fit but we do believe it’s important to  deliver a programme, that is grounded in your industry and reflects ‘real’ customer conversations.  All the programmes are highly experiential (learning by doing), which is the best way to learn and doesn't involve 100 PowerPoints slides. Our mission is to make the sessions engaging, fun and thought provoking. All the programmes go through the Sales EQ test;  as former sales people and leaders, would we be engaged if we attended?  

We deliver the majority of our programmes in six core areas: 

Selling Value :    Getting into the customer’s shoes, how do they perceive value and how to pitch a compelling proposition in the customers own language. It also includes an overview of some of the latest research and techniques, on insight selling.

Negotiation:  How to prepare for a negotiation, the science and the art of negotiation, bargaining, trading and reaching agreement.  Our team includes people who have sat on both the sales and procurement side of large complex high value negotiations. The focus is on using ‘real deals’ to practice and embed the skills.

Essential Selling Skills :  For some clients they want to focus on the basics or a sales 101 course. This programme looks at the sales process end to end, from prospecting to close and covers all the key skills.  Two key skills we emphasise are; questioning and listening.


Account Planning :   Using your accounts we lead a facilitated session, which covers both the principles of strategic account planning and its practice. Typically we integrate the programme with existing process, tools and CRM platform.  Account planning needs to be action focused and not simply ‘a form filling exercise’, a beautifully crafted plan is no use if you don’t implement it!

Coaching for Sales Performance :  Getting your sales leadership team coaching, is the key to higher performance and sustained behavioural change in the salesforce.  Our introduction to coaching in a sales environment covers; how to prepare for coaching, observation, feedback and coaching action planning.  The content can be easily tailored to fit your chosen sales methodology or business challenge.

New Sales Manager :  This programme covers both people management and sales leadership skills, targeted at new sales managers who are making the transition from successful sole contributor to manager.  Typical content includes: an understanding of some of the core processes and tools that will enable them to manage and develop their people, development of team culture,  creating development objectives and plans for their team members, running effective 1;1 reviews, delegating effectively and providing ‘in-the-moment’ coaching that makes a difference