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Sales EQ Limited, is an international sales consultancy, coaching and training business based in York, United Kingdom. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to understand their sales challenges and to design practical 'real world' programmes, which will both enhance their sales capability and deliver a return on investment. The key to our work is to ensure we build on our clients training investment to date, and that new behaviours and skills are embedded at an individual, team, and organisational level. Our core expertise is in; sales strategy, sales leadership coaching and all aspects of a complex B2b sales process.  

Tim Chapman: Author and Keynote Speaker

Great sales coaching positively impacts individual, team and organisational sales performance. However, in today’s results-driven and time-poor business world, the embedding of sales coaching into everyday practice is often overlooked. Coaching Winning Sales Teams draws on the authors’ own experiences of helping companies and individuals turn average, static and infrequent sales coaching regimes into successful business strategies for winning sales teams. 

What makes a great salesperson? What beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are linked to being a top performing salesperson? What impact does culture, industry and sales context have? And does a formal sales methodology or process make a difference? This book is for any sales professional, or indeed anyone involved in the sales process of their company, who wants to learn the secrets of successful selling.

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